The biggest benefits of using summer tyres, are their higher performance characteristics.

It is highly likely that your car is already fitted with summer tyres as the majority of vehicle manufacturers fit this type of tyre as standard. However, if you have switched to winter tyres during the colder months of the year it is recommended that you switch back to summer tyres when the weather reaches average temperatures of +7°C as your winter tyres will no longer provide optimum grip on warm dry roads.

Don’t be fooled by the name; summer tyres are not just for driving on hot sunny days. While summer tyres provide exceptional performance in dry conditions, they also provide excellent grip on wet roads. So even when the unpredictable British summer brings cloud and rain, summer tyres will offer the best performance at this time of year.


As their name suggests, all-season tyres are designed to operate across a wide range of weather conditions and temperatures. This makes them ideally suited to the UK, where sometimes it can seem as if we get all four seasons in the space of a month, let alone a year.

Come sun, rain or snow, then, all-season tyres should have you covered. They could even render winter tyres obsolete – in the UK at least – negating the need for a second set of tyres. This is made possible thanks to a combination of unique compounds and tread patterns that prevent the tyres from hardening in colder temperatures (unlike summer tyres), bringing greater levels of grip and traction in such conditions.

However, all-season tyres are also inherently compromised due to their remit: dedicated winter tyres will better handle the extremes of a British winter, while a good set of summer tyres will deliver more grip and traction in warmer, drier conditions.  



Winter tyres, also known as snow tyres or cold weather tyres, are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Following a run of recent bad winters, from inches of snow to flooded roads, there has been a rise in people purchasing tyres to help manage those harsh winter driving conditions.

Using winter tyres can dramatically increase your vehicle’s grip and reduce stopping distance in wet, icy and snowy road conditions. Recent studies have found that stopping distances for cars fitted with winter tyres were reduced by up to 4.8m on wet roads and 11m on icy roads when travelling at 20mph, a significant and lifesaving distance.


Run flat tyres, also known as run on flat tyres, are fairly new to the market and have become increasingly popular in the last few years. They are designed to resist the effects of deflation when the tyre is punctured, to ensure the safety of you and your vehicle.

Run flats are now fitted as standard by an increasing number of manufacturers (such as BMW and Mini), and actually allow you to continue to drive at reduced speeds for up to 100–200 miles after a puncture has occurred.

Due to their notable safety features, customers should expect to pay more for a run flat tyre than the standard equivalent.



All-terrain Tyres
All-terrain tyres offer good performance both on and off-road. They are a great option if you travel a lot and live in a rural location or use your car to travel across bumpy and off-road terrains.

Mud Tyres
Mud-terrain (MT) tyres are specially made for the off-road enthusiast as they perform well on mud, rocks, gravel and snow. They are only suitable for limited road use, as they wear quickly and don’t perform well on motorways, so if you spend more time off-road than on-road, and you do little motorway driving in between, MT tyres are for you.

4X4 Tyres
Many 4x4s and SUVs are high performance vehicles which, like high performance cars, require high performing tyres. 4×4 tyres offer good grip in all weather conditions on the road, but don’t perform well off-road. For specialist off-road tyres see mud-terrain and all-terrain.


To maintain the performance and drive of a high performance vehicle, it’s really important that you pick the right tyre and brand for your car. D&D Tyres specialise in providing the right tyres to a wide variety of performance vehicles and we can supply and fit all makes and sizes up to a 24 inch.

Providing superior grip, superior traction and superior responsiveness in all conditions and at higher speeds, high performance tyres usually come hand in hand with high performance vehicles to complement both power and performance.

Improving handling, cornering and braking, these specialist tyres appeal to track users for their ability to improve driving at higher speeds in all conditions. Providing a much smoother and quieter ride, high performance tyres are a premium product with a premium price.

Creating an exhilarating ride whatever the road condition, high performance tyres have an innovative technology that improves the braking distance and prevents the tyre from overheating.


OE tyres are those that are fitted by the manufacturer and are very specific to your car, found on the likes of Audi and BMW. They are closely matched with the vehicle for noise reduction, improved comfort and grip for those drivers who spend most of their time on road.


Although they don’t cover a lot of miles, making sure you have the right caravan and motorhome tyres is just as important as making sure you have the right tyres on your car. Although caravan tyres look no different from car tyres in shape or size, they have to be able to support much greater loads.

What’s more, as caravan tyres tend not to be used all year round, they are prone to deterioration caused by exposure to the elements. Older tyres, and those that have been left to support the weight of a caravan over the winter months, may be cracked or crazed and need replacing. Like The Caravan Club, we recommend changing caravan tyres every five years.


Van tyres generally have to support much greater loads than car tyres, so they are designed with strength in mind. They have reinforced sidewalls to help them support the extra weight, while the XL load index symbol means they are extra sturdy. The right set of tyres is vital to you being able to keep your van on the road and your business up and running.