Your clutch is an essential part of your car. While your only experience is maybe pressing down on the clutch pedal, inside there’s a lot more going on that you don’t see. 

The clutch plates inside your car are kept together by springs when you are driving. They separate when you press down on the pedal to enable the gears within the car to be changed. Over time, this regular, repetitive action eventually wears the clutch down and it will need replacing.

If you have any worries about the condition of your clutch we offer a free clutch check at the D&D Tyres garage where a technician will advise you on the condition of your clutch.

Five Signs That You May Need a New Clutch

  • The revs keep climbing but there is little increase in vehicle speed
  • Loss of acceleration as the clutch ‘slips’ or a complete loss of drive
  • Difficulty changing gears
  • Grinding or rattling noise when changing gears
  • Engine revs climb or fall of their own accord