Your timing belt is one of the most crucial parts of your engine, ensuring your crank and camshaft turn in unison, allowing air and fuel in and expelling exhaust gases at exactly the right times.

Without a correctly fitted timing belt, chaos reigns under the bonnet. Not only will your engine not operate properly, but the pistons and valves would begin to collide hundreds of times a minute, smashing into one another and causing irreparable damage to the engine

Unfortunately, it is one of those car parts that won’t last forever. And while a change might seem expensive, the consequences of not replacing it as per your manufacturer’s recommendation could be far more costly. Most manufacturers recommend changing the belt every 60-100,000 miles but you should also have your belt checked annually to ensure it is in good condition

At D&D Tyres, we understand the importance of your timing belt and the damage that can be caused if this goes wrong, which is why we only allow specially trained staff to work on the engine of your car.

If you have any questions about when you should change yours don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can check our data base and get the recommended manufactures interval for your vehicle.

Timing Belt