Introducing Michelin CrossClimate+

When launched in 2015, the Michelin CrossClimate was a revolutionary first in tyre manufacturing – a summer tyre with 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake accreditation. What this meant was that the CrossClimate was the first summer tyre that could also be used in winter driving conditions including ice and snow.  In fact the CrossClimate provides grip and safety in all weather conditions, meaning that there’s no need to change from summer to winter tyres with the seasons and they can even be used legally as a winter tyre in countries such as Germany and Austria that require winter tyres to be fitted to vehicle by law during certain months of the year.

Fast forward to 2017 and Michelin’s new CrossClimate+ improves on an already award winning product. The CrossClimate+ has been enhanced with the latest generation Michelin tread compound, providing safety and grip for longer, with superior traction throughout the legal life of the tyre tread. The CrossClimate+ is ideally suited to UK winter conditions and provides drivers and fleets with a better all-round product and affirms Michelin’s “Total Performance” approach to tyre development and innovation.